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£19.99 GBP

Discount Center For WHMCS opens up the chance to create and manage various kinds of advanced discounts in a fully automatic manner inside your WHMCS. The module’s choice of promotional tactics starts with discounts applicable to the order of a previously defined combination of products.


£5.00 GBP

Allow your customers to easily unblock their ip from your cPanel and DirectAdmin servers CSF firewall.
Checks for an IP Block across every cPanel and DirectAdmin server that is associated with an active service of the WHMCS Client.
Uses a smarty template filet to easily change look/feel of the addon.
Only shows the link to the module in your menu if the client has an active cPanel service.
Displays the csf log entry so the client can see the reason why the ip was blocked.
Logs successful unblocks in the whmcs client log.
For added security you can set maximum number of unblocks a client can issue in a configurable minute time period.
Quickly search for and unblock an IP address from all active cPanel servers from the WHMCS admin area.
Automatically check for and remove an ip block when upon client login to WHMCS (Optional, disabled by default).
Free and open source under the BSD Modified License.
Easy installation
WHMCS 5.0.3 or later
cPanel properly configured in WHMCS
CSF 5.40 or later